You Can Now Get A Colossal Chocolate Christmas Stocking From Costco

If you are anything like us, you love the process of getting your home ready for the holidays. It is fun to go through all of the necessary steps, isn’t it? Whether you are someone who loves decorating the interior of the home or the exterior, there is no shortage of fun activities to enjoy. We also love to wrap up the presents and put up stockings.

This brings us to the true purpose of this dispatch. We are here to let you know more about the awesome deal that Costco has to offer this holiday season. Some families might even continue to hang up stockings long after their children have already moved out. In fact, this Costco stocking is a perfect choice…even for families whose children have supposedly aged out of Christmas.

Credit: Costco

The stockings that other children will receive are going to pale in comparison to this one, that is for sure. The “Giant Christmas Stocking” more than lives up to its name and it is absolutely massive. Can you believe that this stocking weighs in at over 1 kilogram? This is the sort of gift that is definitely going to have to be shared.

No one man or woman should be eating all of this candy without any assistance. Toothaches and stomachaches are sure to ensue. There are over 100 chocolates to enjoy for those who make this purchase. We are jealous that we do not have one of these stockings in our house already. Who needs to wait until Christmas to enjoy something that is this awesome?

Credit: Costco

Not us, that is for sure! No matter what your favorite candy may be, it is going to be represented in this stocking. Best of all, the stocking is not going to cost nearly as much as you would pay for all of the chocolates individually. Costco only wants $29.99 for the stocking but there are those who believe that the stocking should not be marketed to the children of the world.

This is a gift that needs to be shared with the whole family and that is that on that. In the meantime, you are going to want to pass this along to the chocoholics in your life as soon as possible. We are just glad that Costco has provided us with the perfect stocking to hang over the fireplace this year. Please take a moment to pass this awesome deal along so that your loved ones have the chance to get their own!

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