Items Sold At Costco That End In .97 Are Secretly On Clearance

Who doesn’t love Costco? They have amazing deals that you’re not going to find anywhere else. And did someone say free samples? Uh, yes, please. There are reasons Costco has a cult-like following of raving fans (myself included).

Now, there is a site that is dedicated to make that shopping experience even better! At Costco97, you can share all sorts of details about each unique Costco location. The best part about this site? They provide you with insight on all of the deals that Costco is not looking to advertise for itself. This site has zero affiliation with Costco.

The name of the site has quite the hidden meaning, too. The 97 in Costco97 refers to the .97 items that these stores have to offer. Any of the products that are sold at Costco that end in .97 are secretly clearance items.

Once they have all been sold, they are never going to be offered at the stores again. This is no dramatic reaction, either. We are being 100 percent real with you.

Costco is already great enough and thanks to this site, your experience is going to be even better. The .97 items are not advertised as sales items by Costco.

They also tend to vary by region and that’s what makes sites like this one so special. The information included here is absolutely vital to scoring the best deals!

The tips and hints provided by Costco97 allow us to stockpile the items that are about to vanish from store shelves for good. Once you know what items to pick from, you are never going to have to go without them, again. For those who wonder about the disappearing items at Costco, a story like this one comes as a godsend, right?

The blog is curated by location, allowing you to easily find the stores in your region. The good folks at Costco97 have thought of everything, haven’t they? Learn more about them on their Instagram or website!

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