This Cozy Cardigan Is Easier To Crochet Than You Might Think!

This comfy cozy cardigan is just the project you need during these cold winter months! Doesn’t this just look like wearing a warm blanket? We have a great tutorial for you today from Tamara from Moogly Blog! Keep reading to get some of the details of the pattern and then watch the video below for the full tutorial!

Before beginning the Cosmos Cardigan tutorial, gather your supplies. This cardigan comes in two sized – the misses size and plus size. The misses size calls for four skeins of yarn, while the plus size calls for six skeins.

After gathering your yarn, grab a size J hook and some stitch markers, and let’s get to crocheting! If you’re used to crocheting scarves and blankets, the idea of crocheting a cardigan might scare you off. However, it really is easier than you might think! This cardigan is divided into sections – back panel, front panels, arms, and collar. Each section is very straightforward, and then you just attach them!

Never fear, the tutorial below shows us how to do all of the stitches and attachments. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch the video below!

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