Converse Is Now Selling Customizable Bridal Shoes

There are many reasons to enjoy our wedding day but it often boils down to saying ‘I do’ to the one who means the most to us. It’s an amazing feeling, but then again, so is having an epic outfit that we will only wear once.

You can’t underestimate the importance of the wedding outfit, regardless of whether you are wearing a wedding gown, a suit or even if you are talking about what goes on your feet. With that in mind, a good mixture of comfort and style tends to work best.

That is where Converse comes in with a unique bridal footwear offer. Brides and grooms can now move about during their wedding in comfort in these trainers. In other words, you keep your feet comfortable in style and you don’t have to compromise fashion.

Photo: Pixabay

If you ever knew anyone who wore flat shoes to a wedding, you know that they think it was the best choice they’ve ever made in their life. After all, avoiding high heels is the perfect way to avoid taking a tumble.

There are many beautiful options available from Converse for the bride as well as the groom. The groom can even choose from a black hightop with floral embroidery and it will only set you back $75.

Photo: Converse

The shoe company had the following to say about the style: ‘Tie the knot in style and comfort in a fresh pair of Converse wedding sneakers, available in white, black and metallic colors for your entire wedding party. Give your nuptials a step up.’

I’m game!

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