The (Tiny) Magic Castle That Captivates Adults and Children Alike

There is a castle people come from far and wide to visit and it has all the trappings of a royal and magical kingdom. The walls are made with stone and dining the hall is set for a grand banquet. But, this is no Disneyland attraction. This is a project started in 1928 by the actress Colleen Moore, best known for her jazz baby characters and her sleek, bobbed, 1920s hair. But, her career declined before the era of talkies and color movies changed the world forever. Today she is fondly remembered, in part, for her stunning fairy dollhouse.

In this wondrous castle there are alabaster walls, ivory decor pieces, and a even a tiny ermine rug made to look like a polar bear rug! The castle was a traveling curiosity for years and now lives at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Have a closer look at this incredible little castle (and all its details) in the video below.

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