Halloween Coffin Candle Melts To Reveal A Creepy Skeleton

One of my favorite things to do when the fall season comes around is place candles on every table and mantle in my house. The different smells bring back amazing family memories.

But candles today don’t just smell good, they reveal things like diamonds or even a creepy skeleton.


This 11-inch coffin candle is big enough to be placed on a table and be a decoration as is, but you can light it to reveal a metal skeleton. It comes in the shape of a coffin with “RIP” written in big bold letters across the front.

It makes a great gift for someone who loves Halloween.

You can get the Coffin Skeleton Candle from Etsy shop Creepy Candles. Buyers are giving this candle almost perfect ratings and comment on how much bigger it is that expected.

The candle is unscented which makes it more of a showpiece than using it for ambiance.

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