Caffeine Lovers Need To Visit This 17-Stop Coffee Trail In Ohio

If you have never taken a food tour before, it really is quite an experience. Most people tend to follow particular types of restaurants or maybe they watch a show on TV that specializes in certain types of restaurants. Something that should not be left out of the mix, however, is the drink that most of us make a big part of our morning. If you are up for a coffee tour, you really need to try the Columbus Coffee Trail. You will enjoy some of the best Java that the state has to offer.

There are 17 stops along the trail and if you can only make it to the first four, you get a free T-shirt for your troubles. You don’t even have to start at any particular coffee shop, just choose one off of the map and ask for a Coffee Trail card to keep track of your stops. When you reach a new location, get your card stamped and mark your visit. You can also check in online.

For those who are especially adventurous and make it to all 17 stops, you will be able to drink your morning cup of coffee out of a free travel mug. Your gifts can be selected and picked up from the Greater Columbus Convention Center or the Experience Columbus Visitor Center.

The Columbus Coffee Experience website maps everything out for you. You might be surprised with how easy it is to access each of the coffee shops in a single day because most of them are within 1 mile of downtown Columbus and the Greater Columbus Convention Center. You also have a wide variety of options available, including pour-overs, cold brew, lattes, and plenty of treats to keep things balanced. Most of the shops are independently owned and use ethically sourced beans along with local grass-fed milk and cream.

If you don’t happen to make it to all 17, you can follow the recommendations from USA Today. Some of those choices include Brioso Roastery and Coffee Bar, Fox In The Snow Café, and Crimson Cup. Have fun!

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