Coffee Company Wants To Pay You $5K To Live In A Scottish Castle And Drink Unlimited For A Week

Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Do you like to have some extra spending money? Does the idea of living in a castle appeal to you? If the answer to all three is a resounding yes (and why wouldn’t it be), we have got quite the contest for you. This coffee company is looking to make all of your dreams come true. If you win, you will have your chance to become the Queen of Coffee. This is a title that we would be proud to have.

Can you believe that the winner of this contest will get to reside in a castle and drink all of the coffee that they can possibly handle? This sounds like make-believe to us…but guess what? The contest is real and it is spectacular. Gevalia Kaffe is well known to most, thanks to their distinctive golden bags. They have now announced their new Gevalia Coffee Queen contest.

The winner gets to head to Carlowrie Castle. Imagine how awesome it would be to live in Edinburgh, Scotland for a week and be treated like the queen that you truly are. The castle comes with a whopping 32 acres and has plenty of space for exploring. There are even 11 bathrooms and while we do not know who would need so many bathrooms, we are not here to judge. The needs of royalty are not for peasants like us to speculate upon.


After all, we are not royalty. In addition to getting to live in a castle, you can also bring a friend along for the fun. The winner receives a salary of $5,000 and access to a personal butler. Private lessons from a world-renowned coffee chef are provided as well. The biggest perk of all might be unlimited coffee, though. Be sure to visit the link provided and learn more about the contest.

While the name of the contest is Coffee Queen, that does not mean that you cannot apply if you are not a woman. All gender identities are encouraged to apply. You are going to need to act quickly, though. Your entry must be in by December 21 if you are going to be chosen.

The winner is going to be chosen just before New Year’s and we are excited to see who wins. In the meantime, please be sure to share away! The coffee lovers in your life are not going to want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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