This Coffee And Cream Chart Is Sparking A Serious Debate Among Coffee Lovers

Every November for the past three years, I’ve participated in what is known as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. This means for the whole month of November I’m antisocial and my strongest relationship is with coffee. Coffee is such a lifesaver.

Most people are like the November version of me, in that they can’t imagine starting their days without a good cup of morning coffee. Let’s face it, everyone needs coffee for various reasons to keep going throughout the day – that’s probably why coffee delivery is quickly becoming a thing.

While we can all agree that coffee is a great pick me up to have in the mornings or afternoons, or whenever we feel our energy draining. However, what is harder to get people to agree on, is how exactly we should take our coffee.

While the Starbucks versus Dunkin’ Donuts debate will no doubt continue to rage on for another hundred years, we’re not talking about lattes or cappuccinos, or anything of that nature. The coffee debate we’re discussing today is a simple cup of regular coffee.

The debate at hand deals directly with the color that your coffee should be. Obviously, when you pour just the coffee into your cup it’ll come out a plain black unless you add cream. While there are those amongst us that drink their coffee straight black, others do like to add some cream.

And Delish has gone to the effort of showing the entire vast range of cream to coffee ratio in their Instagram post. It’s simple enough – showing off every imaginable shade of coffee there is with the caption, “Which ☕️ are you??”

The classic black coffee is in the corner under the label, F6, with what looks to be a cup of milk in the far opposite corner under A1. When the comments began, there were multiple people that admitted they were F6 people through and through. A few fell in the middle, choosing different options like E1 or D4. But shockingly, there were a few people brave enough to confess they take their coffee A1.

Even Delish seem shocked because they followed up with the comment, “Anyone who is A1… WE NEED TO TALK.”

We can only assume that whoever chose A1 were either trolling us or didn’t like coffee at all – since the only explanation for this option is that they’re happy to drink a plain cup of milk or cream without coffee at all.

So how do you take your coffee based on this chart? Personally, on any given day I myself would be in the middle as a D3-5 type of girl – but when I’m waking up at 5 am for NaNoWriMo, I go for E6. So what are you guys? Any A1s out there? Let us know!

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