General Mills Is Introducing A New Tropical Cheerio Flavor

After much speculation online, General Mills has announced that they are launching Toasted Coconut Cheerios cereal this November!

According to Delish, the limited-edition coconut cereal is the real deal.

Photo: Instagram / foodiewiththebeasts

Cheerios is more than just cereal to me, it holds a lot of nostalgia. Growing up I would eat a bowl of honey-nut Cheerios with my dad before school.

So when I heard that General Mills was coming out with a new flavor, I went completely coconuts!

The Toasted Coconut Cheerios were spotted by foodie account @fueledbymunchies: “THIS is a major announcement for coconut lovers like me!”

Although we were blessed with blueberry-flavored Cheerios back in April, this new flavor has us the most excited. Coconut is one of those flavors that isn’t too sweet when it comes to breakfast.

Our bowls and spoons are ready for November.

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