Give Your Husband A Bouquet Of Clip-On ‘Beard Roses’ For valentine’s Day

Beard ornaments might be a relatively new development but they are becoming popular nonetheless. We did not know that so many people were into them and the holiday season proved it. The beard fun is not ending here, though. Now that Valentine’s Day is about to arrive, there are more beard decorations that can be purchased and Firebox is proud to provide them.

Why would you ever go to the trouble of putting flowers inside of a vase when they can be placed on the face? The Beard Bouquet comes with a variety of roses. There are nine that can be clipped onto the beard. They are not going to cause any discomfort, either. The clips do not cause any pulling or tugging to take place. If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, these roses are the best way to do so.

The roses are a wonderful gift for all of the bearded men in your life as well. Those who are looking to get a jump on the crowd will want to put in their own order as quickly as possible. Pre-orders can be put in and they can be had for the low, low price of $14.99. According to reports, they are going to be stocked for good once January 23 rolls around.

Photo: Firebox

If your man is going to be giving you flowers this Valentine’s Day, it is only right that you decide to give him some in return as well. This is the best way to show your appreciation for all of the hard work that he has been putting in all year. While it is very tough to resist a man with a beard, there is something about a beard full of roses that are going to be even harder to resist. Trust us!

We have done the research. Firebox agrees with us on this and that is why they are offering the chance to dress up your beard this Valentine’s Day. If you are anything like the rest of us, you are sick of the same old same when it comes to these celebrations. The beard flowers offer us the chance to make this day a truly special one.

Please be sure to pass this amazing offer along to the bearded men in your life. Who knows? Maybe they were anxiously awaiting the opportunity. Take a moment to share away and make this Valentine’s Day one for the ages.

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