12 Weird Ways To Use Toothpaste Around The House

After reading all about the amazing things toothpaste can do, you’re going to want to go out and grab an extra tube (or three)! From buffing out tarnish on silverware, pots, and copper, to deodorizing even the nastiest of smells, toothpaste does it all!

For these cleaning hacks, make sure you are using actual toothpaste, and not the gel. It may still work in some cases but in order to get the best results, use the paste!

The first cleaning hack we see is to ge rid of unwanted marks in different parts of the house. Marker on your wood furniture? No problem! Crayon on the walls? Just grab the toothpaste! It really is as easy as adding some toothpaste to a microfiber cloth and buffing away the mess.

Other useful cleaning hacks include cleaning electronics – CDs, DVDs, and your phone screen. Just wipe the surface with toothpaste and then wipe away the residue with a damp clothe before drying off. This will get rid of fingerprints and even fill in small cracks on the DVD or phone screen!

You can also use the deodorizing power of toothpaste to clean out plastic containers that maybe have stains and lingering odors. Plus, you can wash your hands with toothpaste after cutting an onion or garlic to easily get rid of the smell on your hands!

Check out the other super helpful ways to use toothpaste around the house in the video below!

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