Easy Trick To Remove Dirty Yellow Stains From Your Pillows

When was the last time you washed your pillow? Most of us don’t do it very often but it is a chore that needs to be done. As time goes by, however, a pillow may start to show its age and you might begin to wonder if it is really worth cleaning up that yellow pillow one more time. After all, the yellow never seems to go away.

On the One Good Thing by Jillee blog, Jillee explains exactly how to save those pillows so you never have to toss them again.

“It’s just a reality of life: over time sweat and natural oils from your body will seep into your pillow while you sleep, attracting dust, dirt, and other nasty elements,” she writes. “However, that doesn’t change the fact that discolored and yellowed pillows are not very attractive!”

She shows you exactly how to save your pillows so you never waste them again.

“A few years ago. I was mourning the state of our pillows and had accepted that I probably needed to go out and buy some new ones. But I thought I may as well see if I could find any info online about washing pillows before I chucked them in the trash.”

She came up with a rather ingenious solution and it works great!

You won’t have to spend money on new pillows any longer which is good for you and good for the earth.

Photo: Popsugar

Perhaps the best part of the method is that you don’t need to go out to buy special ingredients. You likely have all of the supplies you need at home.

You’ll need a cup of Borax, a cup of powdered dishwashing detergent, a cup of powdered laundry detergent, and a cup of bleach.

You have to go through the process but it is worth every moment.

Throw your pillows into the washer on a hot cycle and let them soak for a long time. If your washer doesn’t offer a soak function, use your bathtub or a big pot on your stove.

If you do use the stovetop, bring the water to a boil and add the detergents and Borax so they dissolve. After the powder has dissolved, pour the mixture over your pillows to soak them completely. Allow them to sit for 30 minutes.

After you soak the pillow run them through a wash cycle in the washing machine.

After rinsing thoroughly and running them through the fluff cycle, you can enjoy your white pillows again.

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