Parents Celebrate Seniors Who Can’t Go to Prom or Graduation This Year

For most people, senior prom and graduation are two of the milestones of high school. All the successes and failures of the past four years are blown away as seniors get to celebrate the completion of their high school years and are able to look ahead to the future. But, for high school seniors this year there will be no graduations or proms and certainly no parties. For these kids across the U.S. their parents have been commemorating the occasion by decorating their front doors in personalized school spirit gear.

Many parents of high schoolers have taken cues from social media like Twitter and Facebook where people are sharing images of how they used their front doors to celebrate their senior students.

Darla Pool, of Fresno, California, got the idea from Facebook and put out a call for other parents to do the same. This door decoration so far has been used in many cities to cheer up senior students who are missing out.

Many families have hung their child’s sports or band uniforms on the door where wreaths usually hang, a symbol of all the high school activities they won’t be able to do again. Others have chosen to make signs, add flowers, or even balloons.

Still, many other families have taken to having professional signs made up to stick on their front lawns. This way every passerby will know that there is a graduation kid in that household.

One Washington state printer even offered to donate signs for these families, in recognition of the rites of passage that these kids won’t get to engage in due to the coronavirus lockdown and the cancellation of all school events.

Dawn Brown, owner of the Minuteman Press Kent, had to lay off her employees, but had a reason to bring them back and help saddened senior students at the same time. Brown said, “For the seniors, they’ve missed something that should be very natural and normal. That process to move on has been kind of taken away from them.”

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