Chrissy Teigen Got Her Mom A Birthday Cake That Looks Like A Bowl Of Pho

The people who are responsible for the creation of birthday cakes are the chosen ones. They can make any cake look amazing and we love them for it. How they can turn an ordinary pile of ingredients into something truly incredible is beyond our comprehension. This story offers a prime example of the magic that bakers can work. Chrissy Teigen’s mother received a cake for the ages recently.

Thanks to her for being willing to share as well. We are glad that they did not decide to keep this cake all to themselves. The cake was designed to resemble a bowl of pho. In fact, we are not sure that the cake is not actually pho! Every aspect of the pastry was made with fondant and cake. Chrissy shared the photos and she made sure to tag Momma in her pics.

That’s just what a good daughter does. In case you did not know that the cake was for her mother, the “Happy Birthday Pepper” was a dead giveaway. We just hope that all of you are going all out for your mothers like Chrissy does. Once you have seen the clip of the cake being cut, your mind is going to be blown. Seriously, how is this not a bowl of pho?

Sorry to belabor the point but we seriously cannot get over it. The cake is a work of art. If this was our birthday cake, we would struggle to slice it. It looks too good. Would you like to see some additional photos of the cake? If so, please be sure to visit the good folks at Charm City Cakes. Their Instagram page provides us with a better look at their handiwork.

Hopefully, we are able to get a cake from them as soon as possible. The cake is impressive to look at but trust and believe, it is tasty, too. As it turns out, you can actually have your cake and eat it! Chrissy also shared videos of her loved ones devouring the cake and made us all a bit jealous. If you are anything like us, you wish you were there, too.

Birthdays are made for cake and this story needs to be shared with a wider audience. Chrissy and her family are not the only ones who should be enjoying these cakes. Charm City Cakes is here with the assist. They are ready and waiting to make your next special occasion one to remember.

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