Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Extremely Organized Pantry

Chrissy Teigen has made a habit of making people jealous of her life. She’s got a husband to die for, she’s always popping up in various movies and television shows, and even her home life is awesome. As it turns out, she’s got a pantry that we would like to live in, too. When she posted a photo of this pantry recently, she received a sizable amount of praise.

You may have seen a pantry or two in your life, but you have never seen a pantry quite like this one. If you’re anything like us, you love to take a look at celebrity kitchens and pantries. When she posted her seven-slide carousel, the world of Instagram stopped dead in its tracks to see what she was cooking up. She’s just like the rest of us, y’all!

We also have an overstuffed pantry that is well organized. For starters, we can appreciate the clear containers that her dried spices have been placed in. These types of containers make the process of creating our favorite meals easier than ever before, don’t they? The same goes for the spread of jams and spreads that are on full display.

While there are some skeptics out there who are wondering why the contents of someone else’s pantry would make for interesting news, we are going to tell those grouches to leave us alone. There’s nothing wrong with finding ways to identify with favorite celebrities. Chrissy and John may live the sort of lifestyle that most of us will never relate to but that does not make them difficult to relate to.

One of the lower shelves contains a multitude of snacks that seem designed for the children to grab. Since they have been left at a height that is easy for the little ones to reach, this is a great lesson for parents who are looking to offer their children the snacks they crave. There is something to be said for making things safer for the kids out there.

In fact, there is no shortage of awesome lessons that can be taken from this pantry arrangement. We do not know where she finds the time. God bless her heart for being willing to share her results with the rest of us. These slides probably create more answers than they answer (who needs that many bottles of hot sauce?) but we are 100 percent here for them!

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