Chipotle Is Finally Considering Adding Quesadillas To Its Menus

Chipotle offers a number of options to their visitors but we are sad to report that quesadillas are not one of them. This is a bit ridiculous if we do say so ourselves. What kind of self-respecting Mexican restaurant refuses to provide quesadillas to the people? Tacos and burrito bowls are on hand, with no issue. We do not understand what is taking so long when it comes to the quesadilla.

Brian Niccol is the CEO of this company and he says that quesadillas are the most requested item from current customers. We fully agree with this sentiment, by the way. Chipotle would get a lot more business from us if they were willing to provide their customers with simple options such as these. “Our tortillas are fabulous,” Brian said and we are inclined to agree.

You would think that quesadillas would be a no brainer in a climate like this. They are a slam dunk for any other Mexican establishment. Why does Chipotle insist on behaving in such an outdated manner? It is truly a mystery to us, that is for sure. According to the powers that be, there is a very good reason for this. They believe that quesadillas will slow down the creative process.

Now, Chipotle has a plan for dealing with the quesadilla orders that will make things easier for all parties involved. Digital orders can now be placed. The digital menu has seen a great deal of success. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. This is a world that could be flipped upside down once the quesadillas have been added to the menu.

Once the number of digital orders starts to grow, it becomes easier and easier for new items to be added to the menu. While there is no word about whether the quesadillas are going to become a Chipotle staple, we hope that they make the right choice before it is too late. We would hate to have to take our business elsewhere!

Just kidding, Chipotle! We would never leave you. How could we ever walk away? We just can’t quit you! All jokes aside, the next major entree innovation needs to be the quesadilla. How many times do we have to ask? Chipotle is now garnering more and more revenue from its digital sales. In our humble opinion, it is only a matter of time before the quesadilla is added to the menu. Please share away, people.

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