Get A Chipotle ‘Boorito’ On Halloween For Only $4 By Showing Up In Costume

Not everyone likes to dress up as an alien or a cowboy on Halloween, but we can all agree that Chipotle makes a dang good burrito. Ladies and gentlemen, we can confirm that Chipotle is back with its $4 boorito event this Halloween.

In order to get a $4 burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or an order of tacos on Halloween you just need to show up at any Chipotle wearing a costume from 3pm local time until closing. We know what you’re thinking…Why isn’t it free? Well, a $3 discount is better than nothing considering you will need to eat before heading out at night to all the parties.

Apparently it’s up to the staff at Chipotle what can count as a costume, so don’t be that person who tries to score a deal without at least putting on a wig.

Photo: Chipotle

A little insight from someone who got the boorito deal last year (I forgot about the offer and was just starving), understand that you are gonna have to wait in line so bring a crew. Also, this may require some human interaction, unfortunately, so good luck!

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