Gaines Party of 7: Chip and Joanna Are Pregnant!

DIY’s First Couple Expecting Fifth Baby

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the star couple behind HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” reality show, announced that Joanna is pregnant with the pair’s fifth baby.

DIY’s royal couple broke the pregnancy news directly to their millions of fans and followers via parallel Instagram posts.

Joanna’s post featured an early sonogram image confirming the pregnancy, whereas Chip’s post poked fun at himself in typical fashion, featuring an image of the couple admiring their respective “bumps”.

“GAINES PARTY OF SEVEN,” Chip exclaimed, before later clarifying: “If you’re still confused, we are pregnant.”

A day later, Joanna posted a photo of her new infant niece, revealing that her sister had successfully delivered her SIXTH baby.

Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT) @joannagaines

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The Gaines came to prominence through their HGTV-branded real estate and renovation reality show “Fixer Upper,” which began airing in March of 2013. The show quickly became HGTV’s highest-rated property, and the Gaines spun off multiple successful side ventures while producing over 60 original episodes of “Fixer Upper” content.

Side ventures include a flagship Magnolia store in Waco, Texas; two best-selling autobiographical novels and a successful lifestyle magazine. This year, the pair teamed with Target to launch a Magnolia-themed line of home, garden and design products.

Last November, the couple confirmed that the fifth season of “Fixer Upper” would be the last, prompting rumors of new ventures, political aspirations and backstage legal drama.

Yesterday’s announcement put an end to such speculation and underlined the explanation provided by the couple:

“Our beautiful family is growing up so quickly,” said Joanna in a video announcing the decision. “The idea that we get to step back, get fresh with vision, get some rest, and hunker down with our kiddos is something that we’re excited about.”

“Fixer Upper” airs weekly on HGTV, and per a March 2017 announcement, the Gaines will continue to feature on HGTV airways via a sling off titled “Fixer Upper: Behind the Design”.

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