‘Chip Fingers’ Are A Real Thing And Protect Your Tips From Cheese

Chip fingers – they’re always a struggle when trying to enjoy a snack, particularly if those snacks are in anyway orange in color. But there is a bit of good news, as there is an actual, real product called “Chip Fingers” that act like a guard for your fingers from the chip dust.

Photo: Amazon

These new Chip Fingers are brought to us via Laughing Squid and are the creation of Stenbert Solutions – a company based in Rochester Hills, Michigan – which makes “innovative silicone products.” Besides the Chip Fingers, Stenbert also creates products such as silicone tray organizers and thermal finger guards. But if anything that they make is going to be a best-seller, we suspect that it’ll be something like Chip Fingers.

>Photo: Amazon

And they just might be the runaway best-seller we’ve been looking for, as Chip Fingers have been as a real gift that can be purchased for those chip-loving friends in your life. And while you could argue that a napkin or good old fashioned finger-licking works just as well, keep in mind that the Chip Fingers are actually made out of food-grade silicone. Not only that, but they come in four “fun colors” and are one size fits all. Not just that, but they’re only $8 on Amazon.

>Photo: Amazon

So before you start thinking that these are a waste of money or that chips can only be enjoyed with the final finger lick to get the last bits off, then think again. They seem like a great idea. They’ll definitely help keep your important papers or your keyboard clean, that’s for sure.

What do you think of them? Would you get yourself a pair? Let us know!

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