Joanna Gaines And Chip Gaines Are Opening A Hotel: See Inside Their New Project

Chip and Joanna Gaines are at it again. The HGTV “Fixer Upper” couple have launched several home and furniture lines. They own numerous businesses that include a restaurant, bakery, a home goods store, and an upcoming coffee shop. And, they are even launching their own television network in 2020! Now, the busy couple made the announcement on the 3rd of October, that they plan to open a brand new hotel in downtown Waco, Texas.

The new property will be located in the historic Grand Karem Shrine – which dates back to its 1928 construction and features a Moorish-style arch at the entrance. The three-story structure has a lot of its interior that has remained unchanged from 91 years ago and features decorative symbols of Freemasons and Shriners in the foyer. Inside there is also a grand ballroom with room to accommodate hundreds of guests.

Photo: Magnolia

With plans to open in 2021, the Gaines couple wants to complete an extensive historic restoration of the 53,000-square-foot property, where many of the current exterior and interior details – like the ballroom and iconic archway – will be kept. There will be some changes made, but they’re more additions than changes. These include a rooftop terrace, ground-floor restaurant, and café, as well as green striped awnings to the first level.

The company that will be working with the Gaines to restore the hotel is Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners. Their founder and CEO Ben Weprin said, “Reviving timeless, historical buildings is at the core of what we do. We are excited to partner with Chip, Joanna, and the Magnolia team to bring an authentic hotel experience to the growing and lively community of Waco.”

The Gaines have not yet announced an official name for their new design project. However, the hotel is going to be located only a few blocks away from their Magnolia Market at the Silos. It is expected to feature some of Joanna’s signature design style.

Chip and Joanna Gaines released a joint statement that said, “Home is a feeling, created by and for the people you love and share your life with; it’s a state of being known and loved just as you are. That is our dream for this hotel—that it would serve as an extension of the way we feel about our own home and all it represents to us, and that every guest who comes to stay would experience that same sense of belonging and community. We’re honored to work alongside Ben Weprin and his team at AJ Capital Partners to bring this place to life.”

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