Bride Loved Chicken Nuggets So Much That She Got A ‘Nugget Bouquet’

Just when I thought I had seen every type of bouquet or read about every crazy wedding story, a bride comes along and gets a chicken nugget bouquet.

Newlyweds Adam and Blair Tyson were gifted the bouquet of Tyson chicken nuggets during a toast by her bridesmaid.

Photo: Instagram / Tyson Brands

Blair’s cousin was giving a speech and included a part about the fact that her last name was Tyson. She then presented her with a chicken nugget bouquet.

Photo: Instagram / Tyson Brands

Thankfully, Jenna Spetz (the maid of honor) shared the photos on Instagram so the world could be extremely jealous.

Spetz had reached out to Tyson (the chicken company) prior to the wedding and was surprised when they replied back saying they would be offering the couple a year’s worth of free nuggets.

Photo: Instagram / Tyson Brands

Never have I been more jealous of anyone in my entire life.

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