Chick-fil-A Brought Back Their Fish Filet Sandwiches For Lent

Chick-fil-A certainly knows their way around a chicken sandwich and everyone who has ever eaten there knows this. While most would not associate this company with fish, Lent is upon us. CFA wants to help you get through it. The fish filet sandwich that you know and love is back. Those who cannot consume meat (other than fish) are rejoicing!

There are not a lot of eateries that would be willing to roll out a whole new sandwich like this. Easter Sunday falls on the 12th of April and the sandwiches are going to be on the menu until the 11th.

You can either enjoy the sandwich in traditional form or take home a deluxe. Each of these sandwiches is made with the usage of two cod filets. Lettuce, tomato, and cheese are added to the deluxe version.

Of course, you are more than welcome to ask for whatever sauce you would like on your sandwich. If you’d like sauce on your fries, your requests are going to be accommodated as well. The fish sandwiches are also able to be purchased as part of a two or three count entree meal.

If you are still not on board, be sure to take a closer look at the world of Twitter. Everyone seems to be enjoying these sandwiches. The reviews are rolling in and they are all positive. What more could you expect? CFA has done it again.

This is one sandwich that needs to be experienced by more visitors, even those who are in the midst of Lent.

Maybe you have friends and family who are Catholic and partaking in Lent. Or, maybe they just love a good sandwich. Either way, make sure to tell everyone about this amazing offer before it ends on April 11th!

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