You Will Soon Be Able To Stay In A Cheese-Themed Hotel Suite In London

When you are a diehard cheese fan like me, you literally dream about taking a bath in the stuff. So when I heard about a cheese-themed hotel suite that was opening in London, I had to take a deeper look.


The U.K.-based chain Café Rouge announced that it was planning on opening a cheese-themed suite in London’s trendy Camden neighborhood. The suite will be made possible through a partnership with Cuckooz homes. Cuckooz homes is known for creating elaborate custom hotel rooms.

“Draped from head-to-toe in cheese-themed decor, the Cheese Suite includes a cheese hotline delivery service, cheese board games, cheese soap, and giant cheese installations,” Café Rouge says on its website. There will even be a mini-bar full of cheese and wine for people to enjoy.

Café Rouge has yet to announce when the Cheese Suite will officially open and there hasn’t been any information regarding how it will look (all we’ve got so far is the illustration above to go off of).

Café Rouge is hosting a contest for you and a friend to stay in the suite on Friday, February 7. To enter, you just fill out an online form with your name and email address and answer a quick question about cheese.

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