You Can Now Get Cheesecake In A Jar So You Can Eat The Dessert On The Go

Rather than eating a whole entire cheesecake on its own, Aldi is providing you with a perfectly portioned cheesecake in a jar! To be honest, this sounds so good because it’s not only a fantastic dessert, but it’s a dessert that you can take with you and eat on the go – what is better than that?

The very appropriately named Jar Joy features the tasty snack in two flavors: strawberry and cookies and cream. The Instagrammer @TheAmazingAldi uploaded pictures of the treats.

They posted the caption, “These beautiful little cheesecakes are now available @aldiusa for a limited time so grab them before they’re gone! The all-natural cheesecakes come in strawberry and cookies and cream (better try both) and are small business/women-owned so let’s show them our support!”

The post even said that the little jars can be frozen for up to a year – but realistically, once we get our hands on them they won’t last long enough to get frozen.

The jars are featured in Aldi Finds and are sold for only $1.99 – talk about a sweet deal! However, the tiny desserts aren’t available in all the locations.

Jar Joy is part of the Florida-based TBC Batter Co., which is owned by Sarah and Shawn Hunt. Their page features a post that suggests that the small cheesecake jars will be available in Aldi stores for a limited time starting the 29th of January – time is ticking!

The site also suggests that there will be another cheesecake flavor to be added to the mix: Triple Chocolate. In addition, there are other flavors of their dessert Pie in a Jar, which are Lemon Blueberry Crumble, Key Lime, and Harvest Pumpkin.

Everything sounds so enticing!

Aldi isn’t the only store to be featuring small, portable desserts in containers. In fact, they seem to be a current trend at the moment. For example, Costco is selling Dessert Italiano Tiramisu cups – each one is 3 ounces of deliciousness. Other stores, like Costco, Albertson’s, and Safeway, are also selling dessert products from Pots and Co. This brand is actually a UK-based company and their desserts come in plenty of flavors, though the easiest one to find in the US is probably their chocolate fudge lava cake.

You can see some of their items on Instagram:

Desserts in small, portable jars are probably the best invention since people began selling sliced bread. The only trick will be to stop yourself from eating too many jars at once. Who else really wants to give these a try?

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