7 Things Cheesecake Factory Employees Would Like You to Know

We visit restaurants because we enjoy the food and the atmosphere but we don’t always consider everything that goes on behind the scenes. When those things do come to light, it can sometimes make us happy and at other times, can concern us. One of the restaurants that we might enjoy and it deserves some looking into is the Cheesecake Factory.

Here are 7 things that employees at the Cheesecake Factory would like you to know:

1. Yes, there is a most popular cheesecake and it is red velvet. Employees tend to favor the seasonal flavors, but red velvet is the clear winner.

2. Hosts are the reason you wait so long – it may take some time for you to get seated after you arrive at the restaurant. This isn’t the fault of the restaurant, it is often the fault of the host. One former employee said that the job is harder and “It’s stressful (people in your face vs. sitting at a table) and you have to think on your feet and get creative with seating people sometimes,” she wrote. “If the place takes reservations you have to balance walk-ins with reservations and keep in mind reservations you have coming in later. Things can get hairy if you aren’t constantly paying attention.”

3. The cheesecakes are made in advance and frozen – don’t think that the cheesecakes are made fresh, they are a corporate kitchen and the cheesecakes are shipped to the restaurants. “They take about an hour to two to defrost,” one Redditor explained. “They leave them in the showcase all day so they are defrosting and staying chilled. Still taste amazing!”

4. It takes months to learn the menu – a server has to memorize the basics within two weeks but it takes a few months before they know enough to be comfortable with the entire menu. One server commented: “A year later and I still have questions some times but it’s never looked down upon to ask questions.”

5. Employees are also community volunteers – in some locations, the Cheesecake Factory gives those in need a place to sit and eat at Thanksgiving. If you happen to buy the Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake, Feeding America gets $.25.

6. Servers don’t mind substitutions – it seems as if menu hacking and substitutions do not bother the servers. One of them even said: “No, it’s pretty simple. I’d rather show I’m competent.”

7. You get some awesome perks – a general manager at the Cheesecake Factory drives a BMW leased by the company. If you work 25 hours, you get other benefits, including free cheesecake.

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