Woman Who Lives Next To A Cheese Shop Was Told To Take Down Signs That Said “It Stinks”

This woman lives next door to a cheese shop and while that may sound heavenly to some, she is not a fan. Instead of enjoying the proximity to delicious cheeses, she decided to whine about it. She spread the word about the stinky cheese by plastering stickers all over town. The matter progressed to the point where a court was forced to weigh in on the matter.

While the woman is certainly allowed to register verbal complaints about the smelly cheeses, the court ruled that she would have to take the stickers down! This is truly a victory for all of the cheese lovers out there. We have heard about neighbors that complained about parking spots or excessive noise but smelly cheese? That is definitely a first.

Can you believe that this fight has been taking place since 2016? That is a level of petty that we cannot even begin to fathom. Tölzer Kasladen is the name of the cheese shop and the citizens of Bad Heilbrunn, Germany are very familiar with this location. Manuela Kragler is the neighbor who has decided to protest the existence of the shop by putting stickers around town.

In addition to these stickers, she also decided to decorate the shop itself. In our humble opinion, this is going a bit too far. Wolfgang Hofmann took the woman to court and as the owner of the shop, it is his right to do just that. The court has ruled in his favor but this woman still gets to speak her mind. That seems fair. After all, everyone deserves their right to free speech, even when they are saying things we don’t agree with.

Cheese does have a scent to it but it usually does not stink that badly. There are many observers who believe that this woman is exaggerating and we cannot blame them. If we lived next door to a cheese shop, our biggest problem would be finding a place to put it all. The odor is not nearly as bothersome as this woman would like everyone to think.

Thankfully, the courts have finally intervened and this shop will continue to function in peace. We are glad to see that justice is prevailing in this instance. In a world where it seems like people can complain and cause a great deal of grief for any business, it is nice to see the courts siding with the business owner for a change. As for this woman, we hope that she tires of this fight before she wastes any more of her time.

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