Why Some People Are Charging Their Families For Thanksgiving Dinner

It doesn’t take much to fire up an online debate but sometimes, the subject is just worth debating. It seems as if the Internet is split down the middle on the subject and it is probably nothing you would ever think possible. It seems as if people are now charging their families for Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes up to $30 a plate or more.

As strange as it may seem, it is not out of the ordinary for some Americans to pay for the turkey day meal. Twitter is buzzing with comments:


Some people are shocked by the thought of paying for Thanksgiving dinner.

Some just can’t believe it is true:

I’m sure we all have our own ideas as to what should go into the Thanksgiving meal. Nobody wants to feel as if they are eating at a restaurant when they are eating with family.

There are some people who think that it is greedy but imagine showing up every year for Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed. Going in and expecting to sit down and be fed and not putting out anything in return may be the actual definition of greediness. After all, somebody probably got up at the crack of dawn to get started on cooking and they probably put out a considerable amount of money for the spread.

Speaking of money, it is expensive to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, turkeys may be on sale but have you seen the price of pecans lately? That isn’t even to mention the time that goes into making everything from scratch.

I’m sure that the debate will continue but it’s a good idea to consider both sides before you jump to conclusions. Some people are perfectly happy providing everything that is necessary for a large meal but others may feel a little slighted if they have to cough up all that dough in advance.

Your family may or may not charge by the plate but consider the fact that the person who made the meal deserves more than a thank you. Perhaps you might even consider bringing some food over next year or a bottle of wine.

Not everybody is going to accept the offer but there are other things you can do. Why not take the host out for a meal at a restaurant at another time of year? It’s a nice way to say thank you.

Even if you don’t have the money to throw into the pot at the moment, you can still lighten the load in some way or another. Help to clean up after the dinner or come over early and help with the preparation of the meal.

When all is said and done, it can be difficult for one or two people to take care of everything with the Thanksgiving meal. It doesn’t matter if you are paying a few dollars, making something to eat or bringing some wine, just make sure you contribute to keep the playing field level.

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