Carpenter Crafts Magical Furniture That Looks Like Something Out Of Dr. Seuss Book.

Henk Verhoeff of Auckland, New Zealand, was a cabinetmaker for decades before he retired — and discovered his best work yet!

Instead of building standard pieces of furniture, Henk is now using his incredible talent to create surreal, whimsical masterpieces that would fit right in with any Dr. Seuss world or Disney movie.

While Henk’s wooden creations appear to be cracked, they work just fine. He actually makes them to suit his “twisted” imagination.

“I describe my style of furniture as broken and weird,” he said. “I like making weird furniture, something that you don’t see in a shop.”

Each piece can take anywhere from 80 to 100 hours to complete, depending on how complicated his plan is.

Sometimes, Henk even has to scrap a project altogether and start from scratch when the details don’t come out right. It’s no wonder. Some of his pieces seem physically impossible to design!

Facebook page so the world could continue to see his genius.
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As you can imagine, Henk has been flooded with offers to buy the one-of-a-kind pieces ever since, but he isn’t ready to part with them just yet.

“I started creating them for the pure love of it without the intention of selling them,” he explained. “But when I run out of space, there will be an eBay auction or two.”

In the meantime, he’ll keep delighting everyone with his playful methods!

What a creative way for Henk to enjoy his retirement. After a long career of woodworking, it’s obvious these projects are truly making his heart sing.

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