Carl’s Jr. Will Now Let You Add A Fried Cheese Patty To Almost Anything On The Menu For Just $3

Burgers and fried foods pair together pretty naturally, don’t they? Of course, they do. That’s what makes this newest promotion from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s such a special one.

They have come up with a new invention that is sure to make your day. The Big Fried Cheese has arrived and it is every bit as spectacular as you would have hoped. Now, you can add the BFC to any order and truly live your best life.

The mozzarella cheese is coated in its own breading. There’s an entire wheel of cheddar. What’s not to love? Once you put one of these bad boys on top of your burger, there is simply no going back. You’re in flavor country now, friend.

The chains will also allow you to place one on top of one of your breakfast sandwich. Best of all, these upgrades can be had for only $3!

The BFC Angus Thickburger is also making its way to the menu, delighting numerous fans.

So, are you off to try one of these bad boys?

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