You Can Get Hand Sanitizers That Are Inspired By Different Sweet Treats

Nowadays, it seems like there are hand sanitizers that are inspired by all sorts of food items. It does not matter what your favorite foods may be, there is sure to be a hand sanitizer that corresponds with it. Whether you are looking for some Hershey’s makeup or an Icee bath bomb, there’s sure to be something to meet your needs.

IT’SUGAR is a top tier candy emporium and they are offering up four different kinds to choose from: Cookies & Cream Dippin’ Dots, Mike and Ike, Strawberry Smarties, and Cherry Icee sanitizer. These have been available at their online store for a while now. Now, the company has decided to showcase each of them on their Instagram page for the whole world to see.

These hand sanitizers easily fit in your pocket. They also come with their very own carrying cases, so that they can be taken with you everywhere you go. At a time like this, sanitizer has never been more important. Thanks to IT’SUGAR, you are now able to remain safe and enjoy your favorite candies in the process. The alcohol level is also at 65 percent.

CDC guidelines for hand sanitizer state that our hand sanitizers should remain over 60 percent. This is great news for those who are looking to stay safe during these uncertain times. As a point of comparison, Purell hand sanitizers are made with 70 percent alcohol content.

Please do not try to eat them, though. It may be tempting but it is not advisable under any circumstance. We should not have to say this but we are going on the record as saying that you should not be eating this hand sanitizer. If you are looking to take these sanitizers home with you, please be sure to head to the IT’SUGAR website as soon as possible.

You can take home the entire four-pack for just $15. While we are all doing our best to remain indoors and keep our hands washed, this four-pack allows you to do so in style! Take a moment to pass this awesome deal along to all of your closest friends and loved ones who find themselves in search of the best hand sanitizers.

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