You Can Rent This Willy Wonka Apartment For The Night In London

The holiday season is upon us and sugar is on the menu. Just take a walk around your local grocery store and you will see that there are plenty of treats to fill your basket. Aside from the sweet trip to the grocery store, you might also want to head to London for a sugar rush you will not soon forget.

What can be sweeter than a gingerbread house? The Candy Cane House, of course! You can stay at this one-bedroom London Soho apartment, but you will have to book it through Once you’re inside, you can enjoy all of the candy cane, gingerbread and chocolate-themed rooms you could possibly want. Of course, you won’t be able to eat the house but it does have the benefit of being inspired by your favorite confections. You also have a variety of edible treats to fill your sugar desires and a stocking stuffed with champagne when you arrive.


One of the rooms is known as the Candy Lounge and it is straight from the Candy Land game. The walls are mint and white striped and the furniture looks like cotton candy. There is even a pink Christmas tree decorated with some edible treats.

To get to the Gingerbread room, you simply follow the sugar cookie stepping stones. It’s the master bedroom where you will find a woodland-theme with some delicious chocolate pine cones to collect and enjoy.


The crème de la crème of the sugary home has got to be the kitchen. It’s known as the Coco-Kitchen and you will feel as if you are inside a giant caramel chocolate. The walls look like chocolate melting with caramel-colored flooring. There is even a frosted candy cane bathroom, should the need arise.


As you can imagine, the apartment is in high demand so they only allow guests to stay for a maximum of two nights. You may have difficulty booking before 2021, but if you are interested in trying, you can head over here to see what is available.

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