The Cambridges’ Family Released A Sneak Peek Of Their Christmas Card

Christmas cards are a lot of fun to receive in the mail, aren’t they? It is always nice to see what our friends and loved ones have been up to, especially when we do not have the chance to speak with them on a regular basis. While we do not know them personally, the royal family’s Christmas card also falls into this category. Who doesn’t love to see them?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are now offering the rest of the world a chance to catch a glimpse of their awesome family dynamic. It is one of the cutest photos that we have ever seen. We are not just saying that because they are royalty, either. The card has yet to be released in an official capacity yet but we hope to see it on their social media pages soon.

The card has been circulating on other people’s accounts, though. The royals may want to get a move on here. The picture is brand new, in case you were wondering. The “2019” label is a dead giveaway. The whole family is pictured in an old school motorcycle. The sidecar is a nice touch and we cannot stop laughing. They have a great sense of humor, don’t they?

It is great to see a royal family that is so down to Earth. Some would allow their status to go to their heads but they are still a family of the people.

Some might be wondering why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were not present for this photo op. They have actually been granted a six-week break from all of the duties that come with being royalty.

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