Cadbury Announces ‘Unity Bar’ That Combines Four Different Kinds Of Chocolate Into One Bar

There is no denying the fact that Cadbury makes some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. They also do their part to create packages that make it more interesting as well.

Cadbury has now taken things to the next level with the ‘Unity Bar’. It was created for consumers in India, where there is a need for representation. The concept was created by a communications agency, Ogilvy India and you will find four different types of Cadbury chocolate in a single bar, including dark, blended, milk and white.

People tend to be grouped into categories in India by language, region,
and religion. It has led to prejudice in many cases and that is one of the reasons why Cadbury developed the Unity Bar. They wanted consumers in the Indian market to celebrate “a rainbow of brown, a giant bouquet of mother tongues, a churring confluence of cultures.”

The chocolate bar is selling for the equivalent of $1.02 US and the advertisement was just as interesting as the bar. It was found during India’s 73rd Independence Day as a full-page advert in the paper The Economic Times in Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi languages.

The text to the ad read: “The headline above is not a misprint. It is in Kannada/Telugu/Marathi. It says—Sweet things happen when we unite.”

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