Bakery In California Is Selling ‘Quarantine Cakes’ With Messages Like ‘Don’t Touch Your Face’

The food industry has been severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. At a time like this, no one is really looking to go out to eat. People are rightfully nervous about the prospect of potentially catching the coronavirus from an otherwise well-meaning food service employee. There are too many people who are serving as unwitting vectors for the virus.

These realities have forced a wide range of restaurants to make some very tough choices. They are being asked to shut down by their towns and cities so that they can do their part when it comes to mitigating the spread. Some restaurants are doing their part to keep their doors open by making the conversion to delivery only, and those who are still forced to go to work each day are grateful.

Butter& has found an awesome solution that is allowing them to continue to drum up sales in the meantime. Quarantine Cakes are now available and PEOPLE magazine was the first to break the story. These cakes are perfect for quarantine because they are designed to serve a very small group. They are made for one person to enjoy alone but can be shared with your significant other (or roommate).

Those who wish to send out some love during the social distancing era can also obtain one of these cakes. We cannot lie to you: these cakes look absolutely scrumptious. We would love to take home two or three, to be honest.

After all, the news says that we need to be stockpiling all of the essentials during these challenging times. You also get to customize your cake in any manner that you see fit.

For example, you can take home a cake that encourages you to remember to wash your hands. If you need to be reminded not to touch your face too often, these cakes are here to help.

This California bakery typically creates cakes for more joyous occasions, but they are looking to use the quarantine snacks as a means of keeping their doors open during the viral outbreak.

Now that people are canceling their weddings or putting their usual celebrations on hold, this brilliant idea will allow Butter& to remain in business. Yes, these cakes can be shared with your friends and loved ones if it’s allowed in your community. This sounds like a classic win/win proposition to us.

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