New Burger King Shows A Whopper Covered In Mold To Celebrate Removing Artificial Preservatives

When it comes to items that will scare us out of eating them, mold is pretty high up on the list. No one likes mold, and it is a quick way to ensure that food will be tossed out. We thought there was no one out there who would be excited to find mold on their meals, but Burger King proved us wrong.

The company recently posted an ad that prominently featured a moldy burger. As it turns out, Burger King has removed the artificial preservatives from their sandwiches. The change has already taken place in numerous European countries, and they are currently rolling out the plan for various cities across the United States.

Zero preservatives, colors, or artificially sourced flavors will be used, according to Christopherd Finazzo, states Delish. He is the president of Burger King within the Americas. The product is already available in hundreds of restaurants in the United States and is expected to make its way to all of them within the next year. The ad is definitely an eye-catcher.

The Whopper in the commercial slowly becomes inedible before our very eyes. It takes 34 days for the process to complete. Even the tagline is one that is easy to remember. After all, we can all appreciate the beauty of the message, “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.” It’s something we wish all companies would embrace.

In most instances, we are supposed to want the food that we are being shown. Instead, Burger King has elected to show us a whole different side of the dining process. This is what happens when companies stop thinking about how to push product and start thinking about how to connect with people.

The next time we are out and about in search of something to eat, we will be sure to remember which restaurant truly has our backs. Kudos to Burger King for being willing to do what so many other restaurants cannot (or will not). Tell us, does this commercial make you want to eat Burger King even more?

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