Buffalo Wild Wings Is Letting A Few People Live Inside The Restaurant For March Madness

Buffalo Wild Wings has taken notice of the fact that college basketball fans are essentially addicted to their establishments during March Madness. Now, they are looking to show their appreciation to the customer by allowing them to spend the night! You read that last sentence correctly. You are going to have the chance to spend the night at Buffalo Wild Wings!

If this sounds like a dream come true, that’s because it is. The promotion will allow customers to reside at one of the Buffalo Wild Wings franchises during the first two days of the upcoming tournament. The contest is called BnB-Dubs, a play on Buffalo Wild Wings’ nickname.

The true BWW connoisseurs actually call it “B-Dubs”. A bed and breakfast has been crafted so that you and your friends have plenty of room. You will be staying at the location that is in Lincoln Park on Clybourne Ave in Chicago. Two winners are going to be chosen and they are each going to be able to bring a guest. Once inside, you can fall asleep to the glow of the big screen televisions.

You also get to wake up to the scent of wings. What’s not to love? There are 32 games within the first 48 hours of the tournament, giving you the chance to soak up all of the wild college basketball action. As any seasoned March Madness viewer knows, these games tend to be pretty spectacular. The winners are given constant access to all of the wings and beer that they could possibly want.

This is not your ordinary bed and breakfast, either. You’ll get to enjoy beer, bathrobes, and bunk beds. The buzzer-beaters just hit different when you’re able to spend the night at Buffalo Wild Wings. BnB-Dubs sandals are gifted to the winners as well, and the bathrobes that the winners receive are designed to look just like varsity jackets.

There is just one minor catch: there are no showers available. Full body towelettes are offered, though. Would you like to enter the contest? All you need to do is post a video on Twitter or Instagram that explains why you are the biggest fan of March Madness. Tag your chosen friend in the post and be sure to add the #bnbdubscontest hashtag. You have until 5:00 PM on March 12 to get your entry in.

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