Budweiser Is Coming Out With 4 Limited-Edition Cans For The Holidays

There are certain items that let us know that the holidays are upon us. For some, it is the specialty Oreos that only seem to circulate during the Christmas season. For others, it is the first carton of eggnog. Meanwhile, the beer lovers in your life are sure to remind you of the importance of the limited edition Budweiser holiday cans. They are a sight to behold, aren’t they?

Even if you are not someone who considers themselves to be a Budweiser fan, these cans are going to hold a special place in your heart. These cans are the perfect accompaniment to the famous ads that star the Clydesdale horses. While these ads are often associated with Super Bowl Sunday, they are typically released just in time for the holiday season.

Photo: Budweiser

These Holiday Stein cans make a great addition to anyone’s collection. When you are looking to feel true joy this holiday season, the cans that you are about to see are the way to go. Each of them is equally gorgeous, to the point where we cannot possibly choose a favorite. They are all wonderful in their own way. Picking favorites feels wrong in a weird way.

All of the cans come with Clydesdale decor so that fans of the horses do not have to choose. They can simply take home all of them and display them in a place of honor. The best part of all? Each of them has their own unique spin so that Budweiser lovers are able to select their favorite one that works best for them. As for us? We are going to be displaying them all!

Photo: Budweiser

We are not going to be crushing up these cans and throwing them away, that is for sure. That feels borderline sacrilegious, doesn’t it? It is not every day that you get to enjoy a beverage that also doubles as a form of entertainment. If you need to pass the time during an awkward holiday gathering, you can just point out various details on each can.

Now we know how to avoid those long, cumbersome conversations. These cans are a picture-perfect ice breaker. They will make for great social media posting fodder and they can be prominently displayed within the home. These cans also double as the best possible gift for the “beer tooth” in your life. The Budweiser Reserve Black Lager is also available to all those looking for limited edition brews…while supplies last.

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