Artist Transforms Bubble Wrap Into Stunning Works Of Art!

Bubble wrap isn’t just packing material anymore! The New York-based artist, Bradley Hart, has found a new way to use the plastic material. He recreates famous works of art in a pixelated form via bubble wrap.

He says his inspiration came from researching the history of bubble wrap. Invented in 1957, bubble wrap’s original intended purpose was to be used as wallpaper. Yeah. We’re not sure how well that would have worked out. Clearly, the idea never caught on.

Bradley Hart uses a top secret algorithm to print out the layout of the artwork, and then he spends several days filling syringes with all of the different paints he’ll use. He then injects the bubbles individually with the syringes.

When the piece is finished, he carefully pulls the bubble wrap off of the canvas to create an amazing print! We think you’ll agree, this innovative way of using bubble wrap sure creates some stunning pieces!

Go ahead and watch the video below to see his process and even more incredible works of art!

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