Every Room At This Dog-Friendly Hotel In Scotland Has A Beer Fridge In The Shower

BrewDog is a Scottish craft brewery that has an interesting concept for a hotel and is now accepting reservations. The hotel is dog-friendly and includes a bed for your pup in every room. They also offer shower beers as well.

Guests can now check-in at the Aberdeen Kennels to receive their welcome beer and a refrigerator in the shower so you can have a drink while you’re cleaning up.

If you are traveling with your canine companion, dog beds are available and they also offer treats for good boys.

Photo: BrewDog

Other features of every room include a record player, guitar and French press coffee.

The inspiration for the BrewDog Kennels comes from their own DogHouse Hotel concept in Columbus, Ohio. They are hoping to bring some of that same uniqueness to mini-hotels in a variety of busy destinations around the world.

Aberdeen, Scotland will be the home of the first BrewDog Kennels. You can now book a room at that location, as well as in Columbus, Ohio.

Photo: BrewDog

Other locations where these hotels are planned include London, Manchester, Paris, and Berlin.

Beer-themed experiences and excursions are on the slate for the BrewDog Kennels Aberdeen. It includes a visit to their brewery in Ellon or joining the ‘Beer School’ below the hotel at the Castlegate bar.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “Our BrewDog Kennels are a revolution in accommodation, sparked by too much time spent in immediately forgettable hotel rooms.”

“We firmly believe that where you stay in a new city should be your home from home, so have brought the spirit of our DogHouse Hotel and its reverence for a great beer to a new series of mini-hotels.”

The room prices will be start at around $95

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