5 Best Breakfast In Bed Foods For Valentine’s Day

Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, greeting cards that sing, red roses, chocolate dipped strawberries, stuffed animals holding teeny stuffed hearts, love coupons, and breakfast in bed. These are the things Valentine’s Day is made of.

Well, these are the things Valentine’s Day is made of IF you are:

  • in the 61% of people actually planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day
  • communicating well with your partner about your gift expectations (how many of us expect them to mind read and then act crushed later when we didn’t get a gift)
  • celebrating “Gal-entines” Day with your girlfriends and the plan includes any of the above
  • treating yourself to some treats and have ordered up exactly what you want on Valentine’s Day (maybe breakfast in bed, fresh flowers, 3:00 pm massage appointment)

Whether you are making it for you or someone else, starting the day with breakfast in bed is a sweet way to treat yourself. We found the best breakfast in bed foods you will want to enjoy this February 14th.

5 Best Breakfast In Bed Foods

Maca Pancakes

Maca is a root vegetable from Peru found to impact sexual desire (although most of the research on this shows improvements where there was a sexual dysfunction to begin with). Here it’s sold in powder form and can be easily added to smoothies, pancakes, cookies, or oatmeal. Making your sweetheart breakfast in bed? Add a tablespoon of maca powder to your pancake batter.

Chocolate With A Side Of Chocolate

Chocolate is known as the “love” serum for good reason. There are compounds in chocolate that release the same chemicals released when we fall in love.

Phenylethylamine (PEA)

This is the chocolate ingredient most responsible for the connection with love. PEA is known as the “love drug” because it is the same chemical released when we fall in love. PEA release leads to focused attention, giddiness, and well-being. It can even make us a bit more detail oriented (noticing all the little things we admire about our crush). Ever fall so hard you experience a loss of appetite? That’s from PEA.


Tryptophan is found in small quantities in chocolate. It is an amino acid responsible for making serotonin which is the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness.


Naturally occurring in chocolate, caffeine excites the nervous system, increasing heart rate and muscle contraction


Theobromine is a stimulant that helps create the contentment we feel after eating chocolate.


Whizzco for LPE