Home Decor “Rules” You Should Break

If you read home magazines or blogs, or even if you just peruse Pinterest regularly, you might be inundated with advice on what not to do when it comes to home decor. It seems that there are some “rules” that designers and experts try to stick to. But, it can be hard to redecorate with these sources in mind if your inclination is not in alignment. So here’s an idea: why don’t we don’t break the rules? Have a look at some common home decor tips that you should totally feel comfortable breaking.

Don’t Display Family Photos

Despite what experts say about them simply being “clutter” family photos are part of what makes a house a home. Hiding them almost defeats the point of even having them.

Always Strive for Minimalism

Be a maximalist if you want! If it’s not annoying your family then why try to achieve a pared down look- especially if it doesn’t make you happy?

Choose Style Over Comfort

That fancy chair that’s really uncomfortable but looks great? Yeah, you’re probably never going to sit on it.

Don’t Mix Patterns

This is a big one many people believe today, but certainly wasn’t a rule our grandparents followed. In fact, mixing patterns was once thought to be rather chic. It’s all down to personal taste, but there are ways to make this work. If you are hesitant to mix it up, try combining patterns in the same colorway.

Don’t Mix Old and New

This is clearly not a rule anyone should be following. The best interiors are nearly always a mix of different styles and eras. And, it’s often what makes a home feel special. Plus, having everything be new doesn’t allow family heirlooms to shine- something that is unimaginable for all us collectors. Another point in favor of breaking this rule: homes that have only one style of furniture can look dated much more easily. Just something to think about.

Avoid Dark Paint

There is a misconception that dark colors can make small spaces look smaller, but this simply isn’t true. If you love that navy or grey or plum paint you should go for it!

Choose Neutral Colors

This is one that you might want to break only some of the time, depending on the room. The trend towards everything neutral (grey, tan, beige, brown, black) is not going to work for every person or every room, despite the fact that remodels and flipped houses nearly always have this color scheme.

It may be inoffensive, but it isn’t everyone’s style. Remember how old-fashioned kitchens were so colorful? I’d take this over a bland kitchen any day of the week!

All that being said, you might want to choose color schemes that go together and try to stick to them. Bringing neons into a room full of jewel tones is going to be tricky to do well, just as an example.

What are some home decor rules you always break?

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