This Bread-Themed Hotel Suite Is A Carb Lovers Dream

You may watch what you eat when you are at home but when you are on vacation, all bets are off. You may try to do your best to stay on track but sometimes, the carbs come calling. That is especially true if you stay at this new bread-and-breakfast suite at the Refinery Hotel in New York City. Its claim to fame is the carbs that are loaded into the room.

If you don’t celebrate National Ditch Your Resolution Day, your opportunity to do so is Friday, January 17 this year. The refinery Hotel is the perfect place to do it because you can immerse yourself in a carb-themed hotel room. There is plenty of actual bread in the room, along with a custom ‘Carbivore’ embroidered robe and a toast shaped headboard. They even have baguette slippers! The robe and slippers are yours to keep.


“ Bread & Breakfast is the latest addition to our list of irreverent, bookable room experiences available exclusively on,” President Adam Jay said in a statement. “There’s no better time than ‘National Ditch Your Resolution Day’ to reward our customers with an overnight stay in a room designed floor to ceiling with carbs!”


The true heroes in the room are the carbs that are edible and you can get plenty of them. Free pastries are packed inside of the bakery case in the room, including a cereal bar, complimentary bagels, and doughnut wall. Your stay also includes $100 of credit for room service to get more from the carb-loaded menu, including croissants, pizza, potatoes, pasta, sandwiches, pancakes and much more.


The room is available starting January 17 for $225 a night. If you can pack away enough bread you will make your money back easily.

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