8 Ways To Give Boring Candles A Fresh New Look

If you’re anything like us, then you probably have a few… dozen candles around the house, either stored away in the closet or sitting on a shelf. Whether they are wicker candles or LED candles, we’ve got a few ways you can give them a makeover! Go ahead and check out the list below and get inspired to give new life to your boring candles!

Wax-Dipped Candles

This is a great idea for white pillar candles. Simple grab a box of tea light candles, remove the wicks, and melt them down, adding crayons for color. Dip your pillar candles in the colored, melted wax, and let dry. Try out ombre colors or go crazy with rainbow colors!

Orange Candles

Ok, so this one less of a makeover and more of a new candle idea, but we love it all the same. These candles are not only pretty, but they smell wonderful as well! Simply cut an orange in half and scoop out the insides (make sure to save them for a snack later). Pour a little olive oil in the bottom of the orange, and place a wick down inside. Optional: carve a fun little shape in the top half of the orange and place it on top.

Faux Hobnail Candle Holders

Didn’t these turn out great? We love this antique look, and we especially love how cheap this faux version is. Grab some glass candle holders and place dots of fabric paint all around. Once that’s dry, spray paint with a color of your choosing and finish off with a sealant to protect everything. This works for vases, pitchers, and whatever else you want to make!

See the rest of these candle makeover ideas in the video below!

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