10 Creative Ways To Fill Up Blank Wall Space

Do you have a blank wall in desperate need of attention? Sure, you could always fill it up with a picture collage, but why not try out a new look? Here are a few of our favorite trending ideas for filling up those blank walls with a splash of color and texture!

Frame Art In Gold

Get creative with your use of frames! Go for an ecletic look with different sizes and styles of frames, or go for a more classic look with matching frames. Either way, this is sure to make your walls really pop!

Tall Cabinet

If you’re not in the mood for hanging a bunch of pictures to fill up space, try utilizing a tall cabinet. Not only will you get some extra storage space, but you can easily change up the look of the space depending on what you want to display on the shelves.

Dangling Frames

Aren’t these dangling frames unique? This display is a great way to utilize wall space even if you don’t have a ton of photos or prints to hang. You only need three or four to fill up a wall. Plus, they look totally awesome. Win-win!

Picture Ledge

This is such a fun idea and a creative use of space. Create collages and utilize the extra shelf space in any room of the house. Talk about an easy way to spruce up a wall!

Starburst Mirror

This decor was first popular in the 70s, and it’s definitely making a comeback. It’s easy to see why starburst mirrors are back in style. Not only do they add great texture to a wall, but hanging a mirror to give the illusion of a larger room is one of the oldest tricks in the book!

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