Black River Meats Explains How To Cook Bacon

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Black River Meats, a company based in Springfield, Vermont, is getting lots of attention these days, not just for their tasty products, but for their cheeky packaging.

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In a post published to Instagram on August 12th, the directions for cooking their bacon seem straightforward at first, explaining you have to “pan fry slowly on low-medium heat until bacon renders and is cooked to your desired crispness,” but it’s what’s under that set of directions that has people abuzz….
Original Black River Meats

Underneath the actual set of directions is written: “If you really don’t know how to cook bacon, please contact your elected officials and complain about our education system. Every American should know how to cook bacon… Seriously.” The unexpected commentary has garnered plenty of attention and we gotta say, we love the “outreach” to ensure everyone knows how to make some great bacon!

If you’re interested, here are some of our favorite bacon recipes!

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