Company Makes Gigantic Blankets That Can Cover Your Entire Family

One of the biggest problems many of us face in the winter is a blanket that doesn’t quite cover our toes. That isn’t a problem, however, for those who have this gigantic blanket by Big Blanket Co. After all, the blanket is 10′ x 10′, which is four times larger than an average comforter. It has more than enough room for the entire family plus all of the animals to fit underneath.

“We noticed that we kept on having to pull out 3 blankets every time we wanted to sit together on the couch, because none of them quite covered 2 people, or even one person well,” says Big Blanket Co, “The Big Blanket takes care of everybody, and does it with style.”

The 11-pound blanket is made of soft and stretchable material (5% spandex, 95% polyester). It is moisture-wicking, machine washable and helps to regulate your temperature. You can also purchase it as an extra-large weighted blanket with removable insert or as a woven blanket.

The best news is that the Big Blanket Co website is running a 15% off sale if you use the code, SNUGGLE15.

Big Blanket Co is offering a 10′ x 10’blanket that is four times larger than an average sofa throw.

It’s the perfect choice to keep you and your family comfortable when the weather is chilly.

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

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