You Can Be A Sexy Plant-Based Burger For Halloween

Halloween might be around the corner but it does not seem that way, does it? After all, we are still in the month of September. You may not have even had time to consider a Halloween costume yet. However, those who are looking for a costume that will reflect their plant-based eating habits are certainly in luck. You can now look like a real, live snack.

Photo: YANDY

Yandy has showcased some interesting “sexy” costumes in the past, but they are providing plant-based dieters with the chance to enjoy the Sexy Beyond Burger costume. This costume essentially functions in the same manner as a dress.

Photo: YANDY

Beyond Meat said that they have no affiliation with the brand, but they love all the feedback it is getting.

Photo: YANDY

“Yandy’s vegan burger costume isn’t affiliated with Beyond Meat, but we love seeing fans so excited about our products,” a Beyond Meat spokesperson told Delish. “It goes to show that Beyond Meat is more than just a brand, we’re part of a growing movement and it’s fun to see the Beyond Burger used synonymously with plant-based meat, similar to Chapstick for lip balm or Kleenex for tissues.”

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