How to choose the right pan to cook with

When preparing a meal, we often think about the quality of ingredients, the time it will take to prepare, and what everyone will like. While these things are undoubtedly important, there’s something else to consider before even heading to the grocery store!

The tools you use in the kitchen are just as important as the ingredients. They can really make or break a meal. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have the right utensils for the job at hand! In this case, we’re going to talk about the three basic types of pans, and which one you should be using to accomplish all of your cooking goals.

First up is the cast iron skillet. This is an excellent choice for cooking all kinds of things. Since the iron can handle high heat, it’s perfect for cooking meats of all kinds. Plus, it can be put in the oven, so you can easily make things like fruit cobblers that start out with fruit being sautéed in the pan, and then transfer to the oven to make the topping nice and crisp. Some people find the idea of owning a cast iron skilling intimidating. Sure, you have to prep the pan and oil it, and cleaning takes a little extra effort, but we promise the end results are worth it!

Another great choice for a pan is stainless steel. This pan can also go in the oven and cook hearty meats like cast iron. It can also handle more delicate foods like eggs. The biggest complaint about stainless steel is the worry that food will stick to the bottom. However, with just a couple of teaspoons of oil, the food will be good to go!

The last and most common pan is the non-stick pan. It’s easy to see why a lot of people have these in their kitchen. These pans are inexpensive and easy to wash and care for. However, a lot of people don’t know that non-stick pans don’t get hot enough to cook meat very well. Sure, you can still steaks and hamburgers on a non-stick pan, but the end result will be tougher and dryer than if you used a cast iron or a stainless steel skillet.

Go ahead and get more details on each of these pans by watching the informational video below!

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