Make Sure To Add This To Make The Best Compost Recipe Ever!

compost 1
Sure, you can make compost by simply throwing food and yard scraps into a bin and letting them sit for a few years. But, you could have much better compost at a much faster rate by following this simple recipe.

Compost consists of 4 main ingredients – greens, browns, air, and moisture. The air and moisture come naturally and can be aided by the kind of container you have for your compost. The green and brown material, however, is where things get tricky. There’s more to it than just the color – it’s all about the carbon and nitrogen balance.

compost 2
Things with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of below thirty to one are considered green. This would include grass clippings, fruit, and veggie scraps, as well as weeds. On the other hand, those with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of more than thirty to one are considered brown. This includes woody materials, sawdust, and cardboard.

A great secret ingredient to add to your compost pile is the straw or sawdust scraps from an animal cage. Not only will this count as a woody material, but the animal droppings will help break down the other ingredients. Watch the video below for more tips and tricks for the best compost recipe!

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